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Grant Opportunities

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The next round of grants will cover July 2, 2009 to July 1, 2010. Application forms are available.   The deadline for applications is September 11, 2009. Previous grant awardees include:

Meredith Case Adam Dodge
Kwasi Fenteng Ben Follis
Chris Harvey Keith Hitlin
Liana Ramos Julieta Schiffino
                Penny Wilson

The chapter newsletter System:UUP (Summer 2006) has more details about our colleague's professional development projects. And much thanks to our local committee for their service to this important program.

See below and www.nysuup.lmc.state.ny.us for more information and application forms.

UUP and New York State have made a number of grant opportunities available. See http://www.uup.lmc.state.ny.us for a complete list, descriptions, and application procedures.  One example of the grants available is the individual development award. "The Individual Development Awards program is designed to support a variety of professional development activities by employees in the UUP Bargaining Unit. Examples of eligible projects or activities are basic, applied or historical research; curriculum or instructional material development; workshop, seminar, internship or course work not covered by Contract Article 46 or SUNY tuition waiver; Conference participation or attendance; preparation of material for publication; Grant proposal development; artistic or creative endeavors; professional reading or independent study; other work-related professional development projects or activities."

Grant applications should be submitted to the Campus Professional Development Committee (via Human Resources, Room N-442)--:

Alexandra Pickett of the SUNY Learning Network received a Professional Development grant.  Here is what she wrote about the experience:  "I was very happy to receive the UUP Professional Development grant that allowed me to travel to the Syllabus conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 23 - 26, 2000, to present a half-day workshop on the "Support for Online Course Development: the MCC/SLN model." The $1000 grant covered my travel and accommodations. Without it I would not been able to contribute to and participate in this international conference on new directions in education technology. The process for applying for the grant was easy and it is great to have this resource available as an option to support academic and professional development endeavors."

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