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If you haven't already, come sign our petition asking for the STATE and SUNY to come to a contract agreement with UUP ASAP. Did you know that the state only offered 1 day this month to negotiate about our contract! We will never get an agreement if that continues. Come to the Chapter Office in FB-05 (Basement of the Federal Building) from 12:00 noon to 12:30 on Wednesday and Thursday this week to sign the petition to negotiate and agree to a contract with us! I will present the petition to our campus president this Friday in hopes that she will express our voices to the Chancellor.

Periodically, the Chapter Office sends out announcements, updates, and news items to the Chapter members. This is done via electronic mail.  The chapter officers are eager to have this correspondence received by all members of the chapter.  Currently, we do not have addresses for approximately 20% of the bargaining unit.  Email addresses for retired members and for members in the New York City area are the ones sought most urgently.

Send us your email address.

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